Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fractures can I heal using Speedup Fracture Healing - The Bone Healing Miracle?

All of the most common types of fracture are covered in this guide – simple, compound, multiple, hairline and many more. This guide will speed the healing of any kind of fracture, and what's more, it is totally natural. In addition, even if you have no fracture but are concerned by joint pain, osteoporosis or osteopenia, this guide is indispensable.

This guide is a must for old and young alike, but the older reader will benefit all the more from its tips regarding bone mass loss as you get older.

How long will my bones take to heal using this guide?

Obviously it depends on the type of fracture and where the injury is – but if you follow the advice contained in the book then your recovery time can be cut by more than half. In fact, you can be out of your cast in a third of the time the doctors told you. They won't believe it, but it's true. That's what makes this guide a bone healing miracle! It is a must for any bone injury.

Are there side effects caused by using this method?

No, none at all. It is completely natural with no side effects whatsoever. The methods contained in here simply encourage your body to do what it does naturally – only much quicker. No pills, no surgery, just natural healing. Fast.

How do I order? Do I need to pay shipping costs?

No, no shipping costs at all. You simply click the button to be taken to our members' area where you can begin to download Speedup Fracture Healing - The Bone Healing Miracle and the bonus guides at any time. You get permanent lifetime access to this members' area and can start to read immediately – no checking your email and waiting for the guides to arrive. Then you start reading the guide on your computer, iPhone or whatever you have used to download it.

In addition to getting the main guide and the five bonuses, access to the members' area will also allow you to get free updates as and when I write them. New information emerges periodically and I update the guide when it does. So if you want to download an updated version at any time, you can do it by signing in and it's free of charge because you've already paid for the book.

Membership also entitles you to the help of our support team, five days a week. Any problems that you have with the guide – not that any are expected – can be referred to the support team who will be able to help you out. Just email with any questions you have!